The famous Kengis Bruk beat is located on the Torne river, a classic salmon fishing beat, that annually delivers great catch results, throughout the short but intense season, opening for fishing on the 2nd full week of June and closes August 31st. There are fresh fish running all season.

Kengis Bruk offers fantastic salmon fishing on 2.5km of private water, with three zones and seven pools to explore, for only 6-8 rods per week.

The Kengis rapids are some of the largest in the river system, which drops a full 20 meters over the course of a 600 meter run. Both at the top and bottom of the rapids are well known places for big salmon to hold up and rest before continuing their journey upstream.

The Torne river's average weight for fly caught Salmon is 15-18lbs, while many fish 20lbs + are common and fish running into the 30 - 40lbs class are caught every year. In 2015, local angler Kristian Stridsman landed a monster fish of 43.7lbs after a short but intense 15-minute battle in the boat pool below the rapids.

June offers the best chance of a big fresh fish but the peak main runs are usually in early to mid July. Many fish arrive and occupy pools until season close offering a chance at a fish of a lifetime at any moment, as the larger early run fish change to their spectacular full spawning colours and become aggressive towards intruders.

The season starts on 15 June and this is when the big fresh springers will be making their way up river alongside returning kelts. Conditions at the start of each season can vary quite dramatically but water levels may be high with water temperatures from 8-14C.

Summer begins from late June, early July and this is when the bulk of the MSW fish start to arrive. Fish average 15lbs but there are still good chances of 30lb+ fish. Water temperatures fluctuate from 12-18C and call for floating lines and small flies.

As the season progresses the spring and summer salmon which whose activity will have dropped off during the warmer weeks start to get restless, stirred up by bright silver Osenka winter run salmon who will also be making their way up river. Water temperatures from 10-15C call for floating and or sub surface lines with small to medium flies in the day and larger flies as the night falls.