Travel Information
Luleå - LLA is the closest airport to Kengis Bruk. Some countries offer direct flights where others may have a connection through Stockholm Arlanda - ARN, Göteborg Landvetter - GOT, Malmö - MMX, Copenhagen - CPH.
Other possible airports in the north close to Pajala town - Kengis Bruk are: Kiruna - KRN, Gällivare - GEV, Skellefteå - SFT or Umeå - UME.

Hire cars are available from all airports and is the recommended choice for transfers to and from Kengis Bruk. It is possible to take a bus from LuleÃ¥ to Pajala town and a representative from the fishery can pick you up and take you to to Kengis Bruk 15 mins drive away.
SAS - Scandinavian are our suggested airline of choice due to their free checked baggage allowance, cheap additional checked baggage and great customer support in events of lost luggage, missed flights/connections etc. Other airlines operating to Sweden are: British Airways, Norwegian, Ryan Air etc.
We recommend rods be taken in a protective flight case and all other equipment and clothing in a large protective travel bag. Please remember a lot of fishing equipment is not allowed in hand luggage: hooked flies, hooks, scissors, pliers, snips, any liquids over regulation sizes and fly lines are also not accepted, empty reels are ok but not loaded with lines or even backing, so please remember to pack these into your checked baggage.

Kengis Bruk cabins have full electricy running, standard european 220v two point plugs, so any electronic items can be powered and used at Kengis Bruk.

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