Week Update


Last blog of 2021!

It has been a really good season at Kengis Bruk. Many fish, happy guests and a lot of Kengis feeling. We ended the season with a fantastic Sunday with Lars and Ted filming to a project from Kengis. We look forward to show it.

It was one of those days where everything come together and it was a perfect day at Kengis. 5 landed fish, great drone shots and fish in almost every run.

Late season male from zone 1

It's all about the details
Perfect august fish from zone 1

Lars with bended rod

A day they will not forget

5 fish in a couple of hours is fantastic

Lars & baltic salmon

After a fantastic Sunday our lodge manager Aslak had some days to end the season. Aslak has been home all season to take care of the little new Kengis family member. It was nice for him to end the season at Kengis and catch a few fish before it all closed and it was time to look at next season.

Salmon selfie

Good size female fish from upper neck

Autum colours and C&R 

Last fish of the season 2021

Safely C&R

Now it is time to reflect on the season, plan next year and get ready for the bookings to open 1/10.

Thank you so much for the 2021 season and for sharing Kengis feeling all season.

Aslak, Lars & Oscar

Photos: Ted & Aslak