Week Update




Last week is always something special. We are saying goodbye to the season, evaluate, start to think about next year and think back at the last three months of fishing and all the guests that have been in Kengis this year.

The salmon season is short and intensive and in the end it all comes down to the fish. It's always exciting in the early season to think about the upcoming three months and hope for good fishing. During season we are looking at numbers of fish, water level, weather forecast, lines, flies and tactics to figure out how to trick the fish to strike our flies. But in the end it's all up to the fish. Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes not. But the chance for the big fish is keeping us in the water all the time.

In week 35 we had Sebastian, his father, Stefan and Ola fishing at Kengis Bruk. Sebastian was looking at his second week in Kengis and the original plan was to host a Spey Brothers salmon school in the last week of the season. But due to corona it was sadly cancelled. (We will be back next year). Sebastian was supposed to be on the salmon school, but never the less he developed his salmon skills alot during his two weeks in Kengis. From not really knowing if the things he did was the right to do, to fish salmon with a calm attitude and belief in his way of fishing.

In the early week Sebastian and I took a trip north to see some new water. Two weeks at the same water can be a long time. It was also a way to make Sebatian more comfortable with fishing new waters and still believe in the things he does.

We had a perfect day with good fishing and Sebastian landed once again two fish in one day. There is no doubt that he is now a salmonfisherman.

Sebastian with a small grilse

Later same day Sebstian felt the power of the baltic salmon and landed his first bigger fish. The smile on his face and the light in his eyes says it all.

Sebastian with his first bigger baltic salmon

Back home at Kengis we welcomed Ola and Stefan. They came in the middle of the week to get the last days of fishing in this season. Ola was used to fish the rivers in northern Norway and he used some of the same tactics and it paid of for him. He landed a good fish the first day of fishing. Great endning of the season for Ola.

August fish are looking beautiful

Stefan was new to double handed fishing. He practiced, and cast after cast it got better and better. It's a pleasure to see father and son enjoying time together at the river and sharing good memories.

Stefan & Sebastian

The last days of the season we spend some nights at the fire and saw the first northern light of the season. Amazing way to end the salmon season.

Northern light over Zone 1

Photo by Ola, Sebastian, Wollmars and Aslak.