Week Update



August is a good month to fish for salmon. There is more fish in the river, they start to get agressive and if you are a new salmon fisherman, it's good conditions for a great start to the salmon career.

This week Sebastian, Pär, Patrik and Pierre was fishing Kengis Bruk water. Conditions looked good and we started to see more resident fish at Zone 1. The week started really good for the guests.

Sebastian was new to salmon fishing and started last year. He practiced casting all winter, looked at flies, tactics and lines to get ready for the season. He lost a fish earlier due to a bad knot, it's a hard one for every salmon fishermen. After basic tactics and knot tying he was ready.

Already second day of fishing Sebatstian called us; "Are you close by? I am shaking to much to take a picture" He landed his first on fly by himself. What a great job. After a quick photo the fish was released again.

Sebastian with his first on fly.

Just a few hours later the phone was ringing again. Once more it was Sebastian and this time I was close by and we took some pictures and released the fish.

What a start for Sebastian. From one lost in the early seaon, to two landed in one day. He is now a salmon fisherman.

Sebastian with his second fish from Zone 1.

Pierre, Patrik and Pär runs a fishing shop in Borås in southern part of Sweden called Wollmars. They have been traveling many different places and caught salmon before. It was a different game for them. They came here to experience the mighty river. Big river and the dream of big fish. They ended a perfect day at Kengis Bruk with an amazing male fish from upper neck at Zone 1. Pär fished upper neck with floating line and a sink 6 tip. His favorite fly, black with blue hackle and it paid of. Pär was amazaed by the fact that you can hook a fish on a 300m wide neck. That was something special for him.

90 cm male fish from upper neck, Zone 1.

For the guys from the shop Wollmars it was not all about the baltic salmon. They wanted to do some grayling fishing and a day with sun and insects in the air got them excited. Some hours later they came and told us that we could do more to expand the fishing for grayling. Between 50-60 landed and many fish on dry flies. A nice supplement to the salmon fishing.

Pierre with his single handed searching grayling at Kengis Bruk.

Beautiful colors from Kengis Bruk.

In the end of the week we took a trip north to see some new water. We had crazy weather with sun, rain and storm, but we had a good day. Patrik was first guy through the first pool. At the very end he hooked into a grilse. A salmon is a salmon and it's a pleasure to see the big smile even though it was not his biggest salmon.

Patrik getting ready for a trip north.
And the trip paid off.

Sebastian was on fire this week, and half way through his first round in the pool, he hooked into another grilse. As a new salmon fisher he could not ask for a better start. One week of fishing and 3 landed fish. Fantastic start for Sebastian.

Sebastian with his 3rd. salmon this week.

Now we are looking forward to the last week of the season. Sebastian is staying one more week, so will he catch more salmon? 

Photo by Wollmars, Focus on fly media, Sebastian and Aslak.