Week Update


Follow our three guests on the last full weeks with guests this season. They had an amazing week and a lot of action. This season has been really good at Kengis and once again we will thank you very much for sharing the Kengis feeling.

Jonathan with bended rod at zone 1

Follow the three guys in week 34 here; 

What a fantastic week! It finally happened, you know that week of salmon fishing that you dreamt of for so long. This time it really happened. But let's take it from the beginning.

Daniel and Jonathan arrived to Kengis Bruk sunday 22/8, it was an windy and cloudy day and not at all good weather. But that is perfect salmon weather for us. After we have moved in on the lodge, got something to eat and rigged our gear. Not long time after Christofer arrived.

Christofer; "Me and my best fishing buddy, Siberian Husky"Salto" arrived in Kengis on Sunday afternoon. This was my fourth stay at the fishing lodge in Kengis so it starts to feel a bit like coming home. Already at the lodge was Daniel and Jonathan from Malmö. We had a bit of a chat and a bear to introduce ourselves to one another. It took us like 5minutes and after that it felt like we've been fishing together for many years.It's something special meeting people with whom you share a passion."

Then we took a walk along the water and after that we all went to zone 1, since that is the most productive zone in august. Jonathan got the first round and he had not moved more than 20m before he hooked a nice fish.

Jonathan with the first fish of the week

After Jonathan landed his fish it was Daniels turn to swing the fly. A little depressing to fish directly after Jonathan when he landed a fish so fast, but after no more 10m this time a fish striked Daniels fly, a nice 85 cm female fish. Everything is pure happiness.

Daniel with his first fish of the week

With the two others sitting by the fire, feeling happy after getting a fish each, I finally could start fishing. I walked up to about The Dead Birch and started to fish my way down stream. After some 15 minutes I was outside the fire place and let my fly swing over the ledge of The hole. A very subtle take and I let the sling go. I was not sure if there really was a fish or not at the other end when I started to lift my rod. But yes, the weight was there and in a blink of an eye it started running. The real was screaming and I was shaking, Do not lose this one was the only thought in my head. The fish came up in a series of high jumps and long runs. It took awhile before I was able to get the fish close to shore where Daniel, after a couple of tries, could net it for me. This too was a female, beautifully colored and we measured her to 91 cm before we let her swim back. 

Nothing more happened that night. But we were totally satisfied with our first night at Kengis. A fish each, it could not be more fair than that.

91cm female fish and pure happiness

Monday morning the weather was still salmon weather. Cloudy and windy, the river ran with 200m3 and we felt confident that this could be another good day. And it was a good day. Daniel and Christofer both landed a nice fish and now everybody wad beyond happy.

Daniel with a fish from upper parts of zone 1


Christofer; "On Tuesday I had to work and was sitting at the lodge all day. At about16.30 I got a text message från Jonathan with only a picture in it. Daniel holding a beautiful salmon. I closed the computer, jumped in the waders and got myself up to zone 1. I decided to walk all the way up to The Upper Neck. As I was fishing the area I saw a couple of stones just under the surface that looked interesting. And they really were. Once again it was just a very subtle take followed by the weight on the other end and then the fish realized it was hooked and the freight train left the station... I somehow managed to get my phone up and called the other boys. Daniel must have put in some sort of a record running with the net from the campfire to The UpperNeck in the blink of an eye. Once again a safe netting from him and I had a 87cm female in the net."

Daniel with his 3rd fish of the week

Christofer with his second fish from Upper neck

The next day, Wednesday, we started losing fish. But we also got some in the net. I got an 85 cm and Jonathan an 83 cm. Daniel managed to get 2 grilse during the day. I lost what really felt like a big one outside The Dead Birch and the others also had a couple of lost fish.

Jonathan with his second fish of the week

Daniel with a grilse

Christofer with his 3rd fish


Thursday the weather changed so really sunny. We decided that we could chill on the riverbank and not be freezing in the wind. Not much happend, but we enjoyed our boiling coffee. On thursday night Aslak came to Kengis and it was very nice to see him again. The rest of our days at Kengis continued with nice, to nice, weather. But one salmon a day is just what the doctors ordered :)

Aslak with a grilse


Friday morning was a late start. The night before was long and cozy. When we came to the river we saw the net had changed location and Aslak had caught a fish in the morning. We relaxed and enjoyed a chill Friday and a lot of coffee.

Breakfast for champions

Salto & Jonathan having a good time by the river

Aslak with a morning fish

Saturday was still sunny and the fishing was a little slow comparing to the beginning of the week. In the late afternoon Christofer landed another grilse and we knew that the fish was still biting. Once again, pure happiness.

Christofer with a nice grilse

We ended our fishing Sunday morning with a couple of hours at the river before departure. Both Daniel and Christofer lost fish and it seemed like the fish was more active.


What a week we had, in fantastic nature, new friends and we will remember this week for a very long time.


Now we are home again and dreaming about the river, the coffee, laughing at the river and the Kengis feeling.

We are really looking forward to see Kengis Bruk, Oscar and Aslak next year in week 34.


- Daniel, Jonatan, Cristoffer & Salto

Photo: Daniel, Jonathan, Christofer & Aslak