Week Update

Week 34 2019


In week 34 we welcomed Jussi and Miika from the Spey Brothers fishing crew from Finland. They where at Kengis Bruk to look at the opportunities to do a salmon school in 2020.

We want to expand our Kengis feeling and let more fishermen or girls come and visit our place and get into the fly fishing for the Baltic salmon.

The sun is Shining over Island pool

We will take your thru all the aspect of fly fishing for baltic salmon, casting, lines, flies  and hopefully you will get the feeling of one of the strong baltic salmon. 

The Kengis Bruk feeling

Jussi and Miika are good salmon fishermen and they fished hard, changed flies, lines and tactics and in the end it paid off! Jussi landed a beautiful baltic female fish. What a great ending of the season for the guys. 

Jussi and Miika from Spey brothers with a baltic salmon

If you are interested in the salmon school, keep an eye on our social media channels and have an eye on SPEY BROTHERS channels as well. 

Now we are looking forward to the last week of the season, and hopefully we will have a good ending of the season!