Week Update


Week 33 - FIRST ON FLY VOL. 2

This week we had our second "first on fly" experience in this season. Christofer visited Kengis Bruk last year for the first time, and here he started his salmon career.

This year he was back for his first salmon on fly. Already on the second day of fishing it happend. Christofer went in Zone 1 monday evening and after a few casts, the fish took his Willie Gunn. Cast after cast he said to himself; "When the loop dissapear, lift slowly". He practiced as preached and hooked the fish. After a safe landing and a quick picture he released the salmon again. What a way for him to start the week.

You will always remember first on fly.

During the week we saw lots of fish at Zone 1. All week they were teasing us with jumps and "head and tails", but they didn't want to take our flies. We fished everything from full float to all the way to the bottom. When the week ended, we had landed one fish and had some strikes.

Christofer and his Banana fly.
Good gear at Zone 1.

Simon fished hard all week, long casts and many hours at the river, but sadly the salmon was not up for a fight with Simon. It did not turn into more than graylings this week. We cross fingers for him to land a salmon next time he is in Kengis.

Simon & the grayling


The sky is on fire at Zone 1

Simon casting at Zone 1

Kengis rapids

It is always such a pleasure to see the smile on our guests faces after landing their first salmon. Christofer worked hard all week and deserved his baltic salmon. We are looking forward to see you next year.

Baltic salmon from Zone 1

Photo by Christofer, Simon and Aslak.