Week Update

Week 33 2019

The august salmon fishing is on! 

In the beginning of week 33 we had a visit from our friends from Finland, Heidi, Sirly and Henna. They run a award winning hotel and restaurant at the Ylläs mountain, Auroara Estate.

They closed the restaurant for some summer holiday and spend the first day at Kengis Bruk. We had a good time with casting practice, good talks and a handpicked salmon.  

Good time at Kengis Bruk

The fish came floating downstream and we thought it was sick, but after looking at it and let it rest in the stream we released it and it looked fine.

Hand picked salmon from Zone 1

Then we welcomed the fishing club Lohijoki from Finland, they came and fished hard for three days. It's always good to have hard fishing guests at the water and once again hard work paid off. Janne was the first to land a fish. A nice coloured male fish from Zone 1.

Janne with a baltic salmon from Zone 1

Joonas did a really good job during the days and landed three fish and all good coloured august fish. God job Joonas! 

Joonas with one of his fish from the days at Kengis Bruk

The guys did very well and landed 10 fish during the days. They fished all kind of flies and lines and it worked. It's funny sometimes to go out of the comfort zone and try new things and when it pays of the reward is really good! 

Great photos from the days at Kengis Bruk

Biggest fish was around 90 cm and caught by Petri.

Petri with his 90 cm baltic salmon

We are looking forward to the last two weeks of the season and hopefully some more fish on land at Kengis Bruk.