Week Update


Week 32 - SUMMER & SALMON 

Last week we had a visit from Miceal and Neil, they have visited Kengis some times and its always a pleasure to welcome them back.

Last time they were here they hit a record week with +30 salmon landed on three rods, so expectations were high for the week. But we did not break any records this week, but the guys had a good week. Its nice to see guests spending so much time at the water. Casting, talking, cooking and having a good time.

This week summer came back to us and we had some really warm days. But with patience and many casts the guys showed that even in hard conditions, you can land salmon.

Neil was the first to hook a salmon. He lost a grilse in Island pool, when the water was running high. The water dropped fast last week and zone 1 started to fish better and most time was spend up there.

Dramatic clouds over Zone 1.

Miceal is always good for a Kengis Bruk baltic salmon, and he was the first to land one at upper neck, Zone 1. Nice to see the smiles after landing a fish.

Miceal with a baltic salmon from Upper neck, Zone 1.

Neil was unlucky this week, with three lost salmon in a difficult week, he was happy to land a perch in our pike pool. They landed some nice sized pike as well.

Neil and a perch from pike pool, Zone 2.

All in all the guys had a good week in Kengis, and if we look at this season that has been difficult at Kengis, they did good. Three lost and two landed on two rods is quite good.

Fire at boat pool, Zone 2.
Beautiful light at upper neck, Zone 1.
Beavers having a good time in the forrest.

Last day and almost last cast Miceal landed this good sized fish in Zone 1. What a way to end the week. And even though it was a different week from when they where here last time they had a good week and we hope to see you back here.

Miceal with a fat female fish from Zone 1. C&R

Now we are looking into the last weeks of the season and hope for a good ending at Kengis Bruk.

Sunset at Zone 1.

Photo by Neil, Miceal and Aslak.