Week Update


Week 31 - FIRST ON FLY 

First salmon on fly is always something really special and in this week we had a "FIRST ON FLY" experience.

Last week was a special week at Kengis Bruk. We had really good conditions, high water that was dropping all week, low temperature in the water, but the fish was not really showing up in the pools the first days. But then we had more activity.

All rods are ready for a good week.

It was in really short periods there was activity in the first days. Ari had a good strike and lost a good sized fish in the early days.

Ari with a bended hook.

Ari was fishing with his son, Lassi. Both skilled fishermen, and what a pleasure to see father and son sharing same hobby and passion. Lassi was the first to land fish in Kengis this week. A nice grilse took the fly in boat pool.

Lassi with a grilse from boat pool.

Lassi did good this week, with some lost and some fish landed. And in the mid week we had a really good day. Out of nothing the fish showed up and island pool was fishing really good. four lost and two landed in one day is really good in this season.

LOOP 7X and Lassi's 2nd grilse from Kengis.

Niklas had great week at Kengis. Together with his dad he fished hard and cast after cast he beleived in the fish to strike his fly. And all of sudden a grilse took his fly in island pool. After a good fight, a little panic in the landing, he could smile and what a day for him. First salmon on fly is a fish to remember. Good job Niklas! 

Niklas with his first salmon on fly and support from Lassi.

After a good day with action the fish was not showing in Kengis. We decided to go and search new water and it paid of. We went a little north and Ari had a fantastic day. It was one of thoose days he will never forget. After loosing fish in Kengis, he landed four fish in one day.

Niklas got his first on fly and Roni was fighting all week to get the first aswell, he had some pulls in the fly, but no fish got stuck to the fly. But it will come, he fished good and hard and its just to fight on and cast, cast and cast.

Sunset over zone 1 at Kengis Bruk.

Photo by Ari, Lassi and Aslak.