Week Update


With a month left of the season it is time to look back and the get ready for our last month. So far the season has been really good at Kengis Bruk. Fish landed in almost all weeks or at least lost fish. So many contacts this year. We have seen some big fish on land, but most important for us is that the fish are in really good condition. This year we have many fish in the river and that gives us high hopes for the future. Torne River is a big river and almost each year we see a warm period during summer. It can make the fishing thought, but this year our guests has proven that if you fish hard, you will get rewarded. Now we are facing an exciting August with many fish in the river and hopefully we will see more fish on land at Kengis Bruk. To wrap up June and July we had a Swiss crew fishing, follow them on a weeks fishing at Kengis Bruk.

Kengis feeling

Switzerland goes Sweden

Finally we been able to fish for baltic salmon up north Kengis Bruk! The hope and hype was big to play around with some big fish in that big river in Swedish Lapland. We had a promising start  in the first night with one fish in the book from zone 3.

Always nice to start the week with a fish on land

But the warm and sunny weather everyday  almost 24 h the coming 5 days, headed us and the river up to 20 degrees and with the low water conditions made it pretty though for us. We started fishing during nighttime and rested during the day, at least we tried too. Master Rudolfo chef de cuisine put some magic on the table. Healthy and fresh food for the starving Swiss crew.

Remember to eat good, so you are ready for the river

We enjoyed the cosy atmosphere at the lodge in this awesome nature up here. We tried out „almost“ everything from small to big fly’s, hitching and dead drift some bombers in all the different areas of Kengis.. the fish’s didn’t wanna come out of there comfort zone to start playing with us. But its not just the catching big fish’s which makes those fly fishing trips unique - as well the company, the laughs at the riverbank, the kokkaffe at the fire.

Kengis Bruk fishing lodge from above

Good times by the river

We saw jumping salmon  so far away that our lines never reach that area, even if you wade out more and more. We worked hard on our wading skills at zone 2 - after some duck dives at nighttime - we definitely going into that „Kengis feeling“. We can imagine how it must be if you hook a big fish and starts to play with you that massive river. Lars Munk and Aslak Lund respect!

Kengis Bruk baltic salmon

We take that feelings home and be thankful for having the privilege to been able to travel around of this planet. So many problem hitting the world right know that should you feel blessed and not taking it for granted. It’s a gift to follow our passion of fly fishing to see those amazing places around the globe.
I definitely will try it again here to chase baltic chromer and i hope hard work will pay out, and i run into a monster from Kengis.

Look at the colors

4 into the book and some lost battle is at least something you can count on. We try to do it better next time - thanks for having us up here. A big hug to Oscar for helping us with everything we needed.

Big smiles from our Swiss crew

Tight lines for the last week’s!

- Pascal Scmid

Now we are looking at August and crossing fingers for a good ending of the season.

All the best

Aslak, Lars & Oscar

Photos: Pascal Schmid