Week Update


Week 30 - High water week

Last week was a crazy week in Kengis. It rained alot and the water kept rising all week. It made the conditions tricky for our fishermen. We started with 250m3 in the beginning of the week and saw many fish at zone 1, but then the water started to rise and the fish did not show that much. Lars was unlucky loosing a good sized fish at upper neck in the beginning of the week.

In the end of the week we had 650m3 and the water was still risning. Now we fished boat pool and started to see some fish rising and showing, but they were not paying any attention to our flies.

Urban was new in the double handed fishing, but he worked hard and he lost a salmon in boat pool. And I think we have new flyfisher, right after he said; "that was very different from spinning, much more fun"

In the end of the week, the water was still going up and we did not see much action, but conditions looked good for the upcoming week. Falling water, 13-14 degrees in the water and still fish passing by Kengis. Lets cross fingers for a better week.

High water and dramatic clouds over Kengis Bruk.

Next week is looking good with the conditions we are facing in Kengis.

Photo by Aslak.