Week Update


Week 29 - Welcome to the grilse.

In the past week we welcomed the grilse at Kengis Bruk. We had six guests fishing all week. The guys was fishing all water and spend the most of the time at the water swinging flies. First to get in contact with a fish was Christian, he fished zone 3 the first nigth and lost a good sized fish during the first rounds. Its always good to start with contact to a salmon, you get the feeling and getting pumped for the week. But sometimes its a hard game waiting for the salmon.

It seemed like the fish come in small groups this week and when they came there was some action. Rickard and Tobias was testing some new waters in Kengis this week and got some pulls, but no fish took the flies properly.

Christian with a grilse from zone 3.

After loosing his first fish Christian was the first to land a fish. He had good action togehter with Sammy at the end of Zone 3. Both landed grilse and lost fish aswell.

Midnight magic in Kengis.

Peter and Per fished spend alot time the water this week. And i paid off for Per. He landed a grilse at the lower parts of zone 1 and then he lost a god sized fish at the edge of the net in zone 3. Its good to meet guests with the rigt spirit about salmonfishing. Enyoing the time by the water with fire, food and some wine.

Baltic beauty.

Salmon is a tricky fish to catch, sometimes its aeasy and sometimes its super hard. You can have all the right conditions, but the fish dont want to take out flies. But then there will be fish that take fly out of nothing. Sammy got a grilse last week, and its good to see the smile on our guests face even thoug it was not that big.

Sammy with his grilse from zone 3.

The light and haze over the water was special this week. Cold nights and wamer water made it look super nice.

Haze over zone 2.

Next week are we facing alot rain and rising water. Its gonna be intresting to see ehat happens with the fishing.

Photos by Jonno Winnel, Christian, Sammy and Aslak