Week Update


Week 28 - The spell of boat pool.

Boat pool is maybe the best know pool at Kengis Bruk. Its super productive and give us big fish every year. And its from Boat pool our biggest fish so far is landed this season and at all time. It a natural stop for the fish before they go into the rapids and they hold up to get ready for the long swim. The rapids are dropping 20m over 600m so its a long run for the fish.

In this week we had six swedish guys fishing at our water. The beggining of the week started well with lost fish in boat pool everytime someone took a round. Some of them was big fish, that just took of downstream and even very skilled fishermen had troubles to control the fish. We all said, that this is gonna be a good week and we will land fish in the pool at some point.

Vladimir searching for silver at the end of the rainbow in Boat pool.

The guys lost 8-10 fish during the first days and then fishing started to get slow. We did not see that many fish running and it seemd like they were not stopping. During the week started to see more action on zone 1 above the rapids and Björn had a good pull in the fly at The pine, but the fish did not take the fly properly.

Zone 1 at Kengis Bruk.

View over Island and Boat pool.

When the fishing got slow we decided to go on adventure and search for the fish. And we found them. During the day we lost one and finally Niklas hooked a baltic salmon. What a pleasure to see the smile on his face.

Niklas with his baltic salmon.

Now we are looking forward to next week and crossing fingers for a good week.

Photos by Anthony Tian and Aslak