Week Update


Week 27 was a lost fish week. We had Jussi, Harald, Börge and Kimmo fishing at Kengis Bruk. They worked hard to get in contact with the big baltic salmon. Sometimes the salmon win the game and sometimes we land them and everything works out. Its a tight gap between succes and not. This week it was the salmon that won the game and our guests really got the feeling of what the big baltic salmon can do to a fisherman.

When fishing early season you do not get that many chances for hooking into a big fish, but right place and right time there is a chance. Kimmo was the first to feel that power of the salmon. It took the fly, went of and the leader got stuck under a stone and broke off.

Kimmo was not lucky this week.

After Kimmos fight with one of the big ones, it was Harald that got in contact with a big fish. Here is his his memory from the fight; " Just came back to the lodge after the fight of my life. I followed the fish downstream for something that felt like a kilometer. I could not continue to follow the salmon, there was trees, bushes and deep water, so i called for help. I tried to hold the fish, but its a hard game with 100-150m backing out from the reel. Iwas affraid that the line got stuck in a tree. In the end came Kimmo and helped me go thru the bushes and it got the fish to stop. We found a spot where we thought we could land it. I rolled in 5 meters and the fish took 10m and the fight continued. I saw the adipose finn one time and it was really big. The fished jumped twice aswell. In the end the hook went out after 1 hours fight. I was not disappointed. The odds were the salmon side this time"

Harald with the fish of his lifetime.

We did land a few fish this week. Lars and I did some round together with the guests and we were lucky. First I got my first for the season. A 85cm baltic salmon. Fish took a Willie Gunn in the fast water. Short fight and safely released again.

85cm Baltic salmon C&R

Silver is our favorite colour this time of year.

Jussi and Börge fished hard and had a few contacts during the week. Its fantastic to have fishermen that understands salmon fishing in all aspects and just keep on working. Cast after cast waiting for the fish to strike the fly. This week they were not lucky, but a pleasure spending time with guests that are saying goodbye with smile and thier faces even thoug it was a hard week.

Börge on the end of zone 3, Savikouppa.

Lars has been fishing many years at Kengis Bruk and has special spot at Savikuoppa. Just at the end when you think the fishing is over he has hooked some fish during the years. Him and i went down and tested the spot and when I walked up to get the rods to continue downstream he shouted; "could we wait five minuts?" And i saw a big smile and a bended rod. A good fish strikes his phatagorva and jumped like a crazy.

Lars with a good size baltic salmon.

Kimmos luck did not turn this week. At the end of the week he lost seven fish and three the last day of fishing. Its a though game and this time the salmon won. But he really got some crazy fights. The last fish took of like a train, and he could not do anything. When the fish was out 200m in backing the shootingline broke off. And he could not stop the fish even though here did what he could. We wish for better luck next time Kimmo.

Broken shootingline, a cold beer and Kimmo telling about the fight.

Kimmos hot spot in zone 2, Boat pool.

In the end of the week we landed three fish and lost 10 fish. Its a fun, but hard game, but that's why we keep on fishing for baltic salmon.

90cm baltic salmon from Kengis Bruk.

Photos by Lars, Kimmo, Jussi and Aslak