Week Update

Week 26 2019

In week 26 we had a group of three guys fishing in Kengis Bruk from Ireland and USA.

They experienced every part of salmon fishing, the joy of landing fish, the frustration over all the fish that didn't care about our flies and the experience of a lifetime with the loss of a fish that was above 30lbs, perhaps even the elusive 40lbs. 

The headline of this week must be numbers of fish in the river! We saw so many fish, they jumped, head and tailed and rolled around and specially zone 2 was boiling. The conditions was perfect, with good water temperature, but the fish didn't pay much attention to out flies. We tried everything, but i didn't help. 

The good thing was that in the begging of the week Jack landed a fantastic Baltic salmon at zone 3. The really felt the power of the baltic salmon.

Jack Zagar with a 16lbs Baltic salmon

This week's biggest experience for all of the guests was Vance losing a monster baltic salmon. 

Vance has never fished with a two handed rod before, but came all the way to Kengis Bruk, to try it out. And he got a experience for life. He fished his way down zone 2 and all out of nothing the water exploded and the salmon raced downstream, no chance to stop it or hold it. The reel was screaming and so was the fishermen! They all tried to help Vance, but the fish was too strong. Out at 200m the fish lost the hook set and was gone. So was the reel, that definitely need extra service after this fish. But Vance got the feeling of what we can offer the guests, the fish of your lifetime. Jack even said that he got more joy out of seeing Vance playing his fish, than landing his own, so it was a remarkable fight. 

The rest a week was hard, huge numbers of fish, but no interest in the flies! But there is no doubt that they travel home from Kengis Bruk with an experience to remember after Vance's fight with one of the big ones.