Week Update


Week 25 was Spey Brtohers week in Kengis. Spey Brtohers is a team of very skilled salmonfishermen, so expectations where high for the week. We where still waiting for the main run to hit Kengis, so all fingers was crossed that they should come in week 25.

Miika is fishing boat pool.

The first day was really good if we look at hooked salmon, they lost four fish during the first night of fishing and everybody thougt that now is the fish coming, but it slowed down. Jussi lost two fish to first day, then another fish, but finally he landed this fresh fish.

Jussi with his fish from last week.

After Jussi landed his fish it got really quiet. We saw a few fish, had some pulls and Kimmo lost a fish, but then it seemed like the fish stopped running. Its frustrating when you know they should be here and strike our flies. But then its good to have skilled fishermen that know the game and keep on fighting.

Quick photo and then C&R

During the week the guys tested all kind of different lines. From all down to bottom with grain lines and almost topwater with fully float, but there was so few fish running that they where almost impossible to hit.

Rods are ready with differing lines.

In the end of the week the salmon spirit hit Aleksi and he started to show of new tricks with his flyrod. Its strange that the gap between succes and no succes is so small in salmon fishing. A fish in last cast can make a hard week disappear.

Now we are looking forward to next week and cross fingers that the main run will show up.

Aleksi showing of his skills.

Photos by Spey Brothers