Week Update

Week 25 2019

In the second week with guests this season we welcomed four guys from Finland and one guy from Ireland. 

In the end of week 24 the fishing was slowing down, so we were excited to see how week 25 would be. 

The guys fished hard, but the fresh fish didn't show and where inactive. We did see some stationary fish, but they were not interested in our flies. 

In the middle of the week some fresh fish started to show and finally Janne got into a good fish at zone 3. He was in Kengis two years ago and landed a fish in the same spot, so we must say that he really knows zone 3. 

Janne with a nice baltic salmon 

Then our Irish guests Michael showed that hard work pays off, and landed an amazing baltic salmon. 

After a quick measure and a photo he released it again.   

94cm Kengis Bruk Baltic Salmon

At the end of the week they landed two fish. 

Now we looked forward to the next group of fishermen to arrive.