Week Update

The Year Of The Salmon

We ended week 23 with an amazing +20 fish landed and really good sizes, the average weight was above 20lbs the first week!!  

The first week is our preparation week and getting ready for the first guests to arrive, but we do have time for some fishing. Each year we invite friends of Kengis to join us in the first week and we must say that they had a really good start. Our photographer Ted Logardt landed this impressive baltic salmon. What a fish!! (120cm)

Ted Logardt with a 120cm Baltic Salmon

Kristian is another one of the locals, he is always the man for a good fish in Kenigs Bruk, and this year he did again. Last cast before going to rest for some hours, this beauty took the fly. The condition of the first fish of this season has been really good. This one was 119cm and in fantastic condition.

Kristian Stridsman with another big Baltic Salmon from Kengis Bruk (119cm)

Lars Munk is always the man for some good fish. He had a fantastic first week with good numbers landed and impressive average size. He landed five fish over 100cm.

Lars Munk with a 110cm Baltic Salmon

Our lodge manager Aslak, did also find some time to fish and he found the fish in Island pool. Same spot every time!

Aslak Lund with a nice Baltic Salmon

At the end of the week our friend Erik landed a nice salmon, he is a hard working fisherman and that paid off.

Kengis Bruk Baltic Salmon