Ghillie Talk

Silver Doctor Rocker

Trying out a classic pattern the Silver Doctor in a Rocker variant, on my recycled guitar string balls! Guitarists out there don't thrown them away... SAVE YOUR BALLS!

(DISCLOSURE - I know the video is edited quite choppy but there was some corrupted footage that would not export if it wasn't cut out, thank you for watching through it)

Tied in front of the ball to add a little weight and flare the materials. Look out for my mini rockers coming soon. These balls are 3mm in length with a 1mm groove, perfect for a single hackle and wing.

- 3mm silver guitar string ball
- 1.8mm or 2mm blue plastic liner tube
- 10/0 Veevus red thread
- Yellow & Orange Opossum
- Red Tanuki
- Fluorescent blue grizzle hen hackle
- Blue silver fox tail
- Blue Holographic flash Long
- Silver Holographic flash Long
- Natural grizzle hen hackle
- Fiery brown shadow fox pelt
- Jungle cock cheeks

3mm Guitar string ball on a 1.8mm blue tube
Tie in a underwing of dip dyed opossum yellow with orange tips
1st middle wing is a red tanuki with guard hairs left in
Add first hackle blue grizzle soft hen hackle
Next tie in the second middle wing, also the longest of blue silver fox tail
Add a strand of blue holographic flash doubled back long and silver holographic flash double abck cut half way through the wing
Add an natural soft grizzle hen hackle to cover the head from the wing
Tie in a short over wing of fiery brown fox pelt to add head mass and push water
Add jungle cock eyes in line with the shape of the wing, finish with varnish or glue and cut through the head.