Ghillie Talk

Pink Bunny Leech

Stuart Foxall tying a Pink Bunny Leech tube fly, perfect for Steelhead and Pacific Salmon fishing in slow water or even Atlantic/Baltic Salmon.

- 1.8mm red liner tube
- 3.0mm clear glitter outer tube
- Black thread
- Mirage tinsel body
- Purple UV dubbing
- Pink, purple and blue holographic flash
- Pink rabbit pelt zoner
- Pearl flash
- Pink schlappen hackle
- Jungle cock cheeks
- Fluorescent orange cone head

Red 1.8mm liner tubing with 3mm clear glitter outer tubing
Start off with a mirage body for the 2nd third of the fly
Purple UV dubbing for the front 3rd of the body
Pink, purple & blue holographic flash
Tie in bunny zonker upside down at the end to fold back
Fold zonker back and secure in place as well as the flash
Next tie in pearl flash on each side of the fly
Magenta schlappen hackle
Add jungle cock cheeks
Finish off with a fluorescent orange cone, cut the tube and melt down.