Ghillie Talk


Kengis Bruk fishing lodge is located right by the river bank, and the big fall will give you the soundtrack to you fishing holiday at Kengis Bruk. The lodge is found in a old building that used to be the school in Kengis Bruk community, when it was a productive ironmill.

It is now updated and ready to house all our fishing guests. The lodge has everything you need to have a good and relaxed stay at our lodge.

You will find: 

  • Big living room with lounge, dining area and fly tying station
  • Industrial kitchen with everything you need
  • Two toilets and showers
  • Hallway with drying area
  • Three big rooms with two beds
  • Extra beds if needed
  • Single room for travel leader
  • Outdoor area with fireplace and grill
  • Small fly fishing shop
  • Souvenirs shop
  • Demo rods free to use
Kengis Bruk fishing lodge
Hallway for drying waders and clothing
Info for guests during the stay

The atmophere is realxed and the guests is always a big part of planning the week. We start all stays with a info meeting and a talk about the week. We try our best to meet all the guests wishes for the week.

In the lodge you will find souvenirs shop with local good from Kero, Lemmel and Kengis Bruk. You can find a present for the family or a thing to remember your stay at Kengis Bruk.

In our fly shop you will find essentials for the flyfisher. Tippet, lines, leaders and even rods and reels if you need. We also have a selection of flies handpicked for Kengis Bruk fishing water.

Fly tying station
Demo rods, free to use
Fly shop in the lodge

The rooms are big and there is plenty of space for two in each room. There is two single beds in each room and if needed room to put in an extra bed.

Kengis Bruk fishing lodge
Everything is close by the river in Kengis Bruk

We are looking forward to the upcoming season and crossing fingers for a good season. We are ready, the lodge is ready now we just need to wait a few months and then it is all about salmon again.

Happy new year from Kengis Bruk.

- Aslak

Photo by: Antti Einiö, Ted Logardt, Heart of Lapland and Aslak Lund