Ghillie Talk


Since 1850 Kengis Bruk has been in the Sohlberg family, so the place has a long family tradition and we still have a tradition to welcome families at Kengis Bruk.

The old Kengis Bruk

Back in the days when Kengis was in early start to be a destination for salmon anglers world wide, Lars and Eva-Lena took care of the cabins and the fishing. Somehow it seems like the family bond has become a part of the Kengis Bruk fishing culture. We will get back to Lars and Eva-Lena later with a family experience they will remember forever.

Father and daugther, Antti & Evaa was in Kengis in 2018. Evaa & Aslak training casting.

Each season we welcome families to Kengis Bruk, there is no doubt that it is mostly brothers or father and son, but during the years we have seen husband and wife and father and daughter visiting Kengis. It is something special to meet the families at Kengis Bruk, the fact that they enjoy the time together or give the other part time to enjoy what they love to do, creates a special atmosphere when they are in Kengis.  

Father and son, Ari & Lassi with an experience to remember.

To see a son land a salmon and maybe even his first salmon, help his father to land his fish, see the daughter training and training with the cast in order to get one step closer to the salmon or sit by the riverbank enjoying the fire and watch your husband fishing. It creates memories to share in the future.

Big smiles from Niklas, he was in Kengis with his dad, Kent. What you dont see is Kent with wet shoes in the background that is waiting to give his son a hug after landing his first salmon on fly.

Back to Lars and Eva-Lena, in 2017 they had an experience that will last forever. After a slow start of the season we had some good days in the mid-season. Lars called me and asked; “can you come down and take some photos, Eva-Lena got a big fish” When we came down to the water we saw Eva-Lena still shaking, Lars with a big smile and a 112cm Baltic salmon in the net. What a family experience.

Lars & Eva-Lena with a family memory that will last forever.

We are looking forward to more family visits at Kengis Bruk and everybody is welcome.

- Aslak

Photo by: Anders Fredrik Skjöldebrand, Antti Einiö, Lassi Kaunonen and Aslak Lund