Ghillie Talk


What is a big salmon? Is it a +100cm fish? And why is it so special to catch a big salmon? 

Kengis Bruk is known for big fish, and in our opinion a 100cm is big fish and something special to catch. But most important for us, is that every fish counts, but the big ones are as said, special.

Last year I was talkning with a guest at the riverbank. We talked about fishing of course, and he asked me; "How many salmon have you caught?", at that time I was around 30 landed and he was quite suprised with the number. He answerd; "That was not many? I have landed around 500" and he asked again; "How many over 100cm?" My answer was; "4 and 5 over 10kg" and he said; "Well thats good, but you are also fishing in big fish waters" and that sums up why Kengis Bruk and the area is a special place for big fish. You can find better numbers many places, but if you go for the big fish you have a fair chance at Kengis Bruk.

Each year we have big baltic salmon passing Kengis, and each year we land big fish. Some years we have to work hard for the big fish. The 2020 season was a hard working season with many big fish lost and in the 2019 season we landed several fish over 100cm and our top 5 for the season was spectacular and maybe something we never will see again, but we hope and cross fingers each year.

TOP 5 - 2019

1: 120cm

2: 119cm

3: 118cm

4: 117cm

5: 116cm

Lars & Eva-Lena with a big fish from 2017.

What is so special about big fish?

Everyone that fish for salmon and have landed a fish knows that the take is a special feeling. You know something is happening; Is it well hooked? Will you land it? Can I control the fish? When the fish strikes all theese questions pops up in your head and sometimes you have been fishing for a hole week for that one take. When you feel the weight of the fish and you know it's a big fish, you forget about everything else. Time stand still and you need to work together with the fish. If you push it to hard there is a chance to loose it, if you dont push it there is a chance that the fish will take all the control and you will also loose. Your turn and then the fish, and then you again and then the fish. It's a battle you need to be ready to take. One thing is for sure, landing a big fish is special.

Big baltic salmon from 2019.

The Kengis Bruk rapids are the biggest on the Torne river. The drop of 20m over 600m makes a natural stop for the fish and we know that the big fish will take a break in the right conditions. That gives us a fair chance for target the big fish. We just never know what fish that strikes our flies, so it's important to appreciate all fish that take our flies. After the big rapids is a big area where the fish can rest, and that gives us another chance. Some fish even stay for the season and spawn in the area. It gives us a chance for one of the big coloured fish in the late season. A fresh big silver fish is special, but these big coloured male fish is also a special fish to catch.

Nordic Spey with a big august fish.

Good friends and big fish.

Scott with a big fish early season 2017.

The biggest fish from the fly water in Kengis is a 128cm fresh fish from 2015. Kristian is know for big fish. When someone has caught a big fish he almost always catch one that is bigger. So no suprise, he has the biggest one so far. It was a memorable experience for Kristian and everyone around him. A fish of a lifetime.

Kristian and his 128cm dream fish from Kengis Bruk.

Now we are looking forward to the 2021 seaon. Hopefully with big fish on land, but we never know what kind of season is waiting, but we know that Kengis Bruk is a good place to chase the dream of a big fish. And remember to enjoy all the fish between the big ones.

See you next year.

- Aslak

Photo by: Ted Logardt, Nordic Spey, Lars Munk and Aslak Lund