Ghillie Talk

Grey & Green Scandi Tube

Tying a scandi style tube with the cone weight behind the wing and hackle materials, I find this helps more evenly balance fly weight and gives a nice flare to the materials.

- 1.8mm plastic liner tube
- 3mm plastic outer tube
- 10/0 Veevus chartreuse thread
- Fluorescent green flat braid butt
- Holographic silver flat braid body
- Fluorescent green dubbing
- Silver cone head
- Fluorescent green hen hackle
- Fluorescent green Raccon pelt
- Pearl holo angel hair
- Natural grizzle hen hackle
- Natural silver fox tail
- Jungle cock cheeks

1.8mm liner tube and 3mm outer tube
Start with a Chartreuse thread butt
Start the body with a holographic silver flatbraid body
Next finish the body with a fat dubbing ball brushed
Add a little glue to the tube and fix a cone for a weight and material shaper
Tie in a chartreuse soft hen hackle
Next tie in a underwing of racoon pelt with guard hair in
Next add in some pearl angel hair as long as the guard hairs
Next add a natural soft hen hackle to cover the underwing head
For the final wing tie in some natural silver fox tail
Add some jungle cock cheeks if ytou like
Finish off with some glue or varnish and cut through the edge of the head.