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Dark Green Highlander Rocker

Dark Green Highlander Rocker style on the guitar string ball! Guitarists out there don't thrown them away... SAVE YOUR BALLS!


These balls are 3mm in length with a 1mm groove, perfect for a single hackle and wing. Tied in front of the ball to add a little weight and flare the materials. Look out for my mini rockers coming soon.

- 3mm silver guitar string ball
- 1.8mm or 2mm chartreuse plastic liner tube
- 10/0 Veevus chartreuse thread
- Yellow & Orange Opossum
- Hot Orange Tanuki
- Sunburst hen hackle
- Highlander Green silver fox tail
- Fluorescent Orange flash
- Chartreuse hen hackle
- Black shadow fox pelt
- Jungle cock cheeks

3mm Guitar string ball and 1.8mm liner tubing
Short underwing of dip dyed opossum yellow with orange tips
Next add the first middle wing of hot orange tanuki with guard hairs in
Tie in the first hackle of sunburst soft hen hackle
Next is the longest wing 2nd middle wing green highlander silver fox tail
Chartreuse soft hen hackle
Tie in 2 strands of fluorescent orange flash doubled back 1 long and 1 short
Next tie in a short overwing of black fox pelt
Finish off with jungle cock cheeks, glue or varnish head and cut through.
Clearer background