Ghillie Talk

Black & Blue Pot Belly Pig

Stuart Foxall shows us a great Salmon and Steelhead pattern the pot belly pig in Black and Blue and a strong pink cone head.

- 1.8mm black liner tube
- 3.0mm clear glitter outer tube
- Black thread- Mirage tinsel body
- Black Cock hackle
- Black bucktail
- Metallic blue krinkle flash
- Boar bristles
- Silver oval tinsel ribbing
- Metallic blue dubbing
- Pink, purple, blue holographic flash
- Blue cock hackle
- Jungle cock cheeks
- Fluorescent pink cone head

Black 1.8mm liner tube and 3mm glitter clear outer tube
Mirage tinsle 2/3rd of the body
Large Black cock hackle
Couple stramds of metallic blue krinkle flash
Black buck tail
Several more metallic blue krinkle flash strands as long as the tail
Add boar bristles, silver oval tinsel and metallic blue dubbing, wrap the tinsel as a rib and brush out dubbing
Add strands of pink, purple, blue holographic flash all around the body
Tie in a blue cock hackle
Add jungle cock eyes shrimp style
Finish off with a fluorescent pink cone, cut of tubing and melt down