Ghillie Talk


The season is soon to start, are you ready?

What will be the first fly you tie on the leader? What are you thinking first time you fish you way in the chosen pool? There can be many questions going on before the season starts.

A 116cm baltic salmon from the early season 2019


What type of fly will you use when the season starts? It is always a good idea to check the water. Is the water level low, normal or high? How about the temperature? If the water is high and cold you might use bigger flies and more heavy flies or lines to get the fly down in the water faster. Have a look at the water and choose your fly. It is hard to tell if the fish would be selective regarding the first fly they see? The most important is that you believe in your fly.

Den vanliga


What to choose? If you are the first one in the water it can be hard to choose the right line and you need to look back at similar situations and use your knowledge to choose. Most fishermen has a favorite combo and mine is FLOAT/SINK3, so if I don't know, I would always choose that line. If there are locals, guides or some that you know that have fished the water before you, you could ask them? 

Have you checked your backing? Shootingline? Checked the knots and tied on a new leader? You don't want to loose the first fish because of an old knot or a broken leader.

Line selection to cover all situations


Have you done a little casting before the season? It can help you get into the casting faster when you are at the river. In the end it will maybe give you more hours in the water.

Lars fishing his way in Powerline pool


Are you ready for the strike? Sometimes you can feel it coming and sometimes it happens out of nowhere. Is the brake on the reel as you want it to be? Have you decided if you want to fish with a loop or the line on the reel? All these small details can be a factor in the chance of landing the first fish that strikes your fly.

The feeling we are all waiting for


Remember to enjoy the time by the river. After a long season break away from the running river, remember to sit down, have a look at the water, make a fire and boil coffee. Spend time talking with your fishing buddies and share tactics and ideas about the fishing.

Good stories around the fire


All the best


Photos: Ted Logardt, Aslak Lund & Focus on fly media