Week Update

2019 Season Recap

The salmon season at Kengis Bruk is over and we have had time to reflect on the season.

This year we have had guests from all over the World and what a privilege to meet around the thing we all love, fishing for Baltic salmon.

Finland, Germany, Ireland, France, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, UK, Denmark, Lichtenstein, Spain and Italy.

All the guests has been a part of making 2019 a good year at Kengis Bruk.

In the early season we were off for a good start, in the opening week we had the locals fishing and the fishing was above all expectations. The fish in the river was aggressive and big.

Our top 5 in the first week was absolutely amazing:

1. 120cm, Ted Logardt
2. 119cm, Kristian Stridsman
3. 118cm, Lars Munk
4. 117cm, Kristian Stridsman
5. 116cm, Aslak Lund

Ted, Kristian, Lars and Aslak with four af the biggest fish from this season.

In the first week we caught several fish over 100cm and over 110cm as well.

Lars with a 110cm baltic beauty.

In the following weeks we had many fish in the river, but they were not as aggressive as in the first week, but one thing our guests kept talking about was the power of the Baltic salmon. They are strong, fast swimming and wild in the early season and if you hook into a Baltic salmon you will get a memorable fight.

The guests caught beautiful fresh fish and they lost some really big fish.

Early season fish from Kengis Bruk.

Then the warm summer came and the water temperature was rising fast. At the end we had +20 in the water. We saw some sick fish at Kengis Bruk this year, but if we look at the total amount of fish in the river it is nothing. In the end we think that everyone around the fishing in the Torne river should care about the salmon and it's gonna be interesting to see why we have some sick fish in the river.

There was still many active fish in the river, they were jumping and head and tailing everywhere, but they did not like our flies.

July recap, with beautiful fish and our first junior fisher.

We had high expectations to the august fishing, the temperature was going down, we still had active fish and fresh fish running and based on last year, the fishing was fantastic in august.

We started with a beautiful Baltic august salmon. Andrew caught a 102cm Baltic salmon at Zone 1. Good august start.

Andrew with a fantastic 102cm baltic salmon from august.

The august fishing was more steady this year and the fish was not holding up as much, as they did last year.

The extreme warm summer in 2018 got the fish to hold up at our place, this year we saw them continue their journey. We still had good fishing and landed some really nice august fish. Biggest at 110cm.

August recap from Kengis Bruk.

All in all we had a good season at Kengis Bruk, in total we landed 60 fish and lost around 60 as well. Kengis Bruk is not a numbers destination, sometimes you can be lucky and hit weeks with many fish and high numbers, but the reason to go to Kengis Bruk should be the chance of a big fish and the power of the Baltic salmon.

See you next year! 

Looking forward to 2020 we are planning some news at Kengis Bruk.

We will host a salmon school in cooperation with Speybrothers and we are looking forward to get some new salmon fishermen started with the salmon fishing.

Then we are planning a juniors week were you fishermen or girls can bring their parent and get a proper introduction to the salmon fishing.

Until the next season we will do some fly tying blogs and blogs about tips and tricks.

It's gonna be a good season next year!

Thank you to all guests, agents, visitors, friends and collaborators!

See you next year!

Kengis Bruk 2019.