Week Update

Record fish 43.7lbs

The biggest fish so far this season (2015) was recently caught by Kristian Stridsman. Kristian hooked the salmon in the Boat Pool on the Kengis beat. After a short but very intense 15 minute fight, his fishing partner Erik Tjärner tailed the huge fish. Both anglers saw it during the fight and estimated the salmon at 30lb plus. Once landed it became perfectly clear it was much bigger. After measuring and weighing, it was obvious that Kristian had hooked a fish of a lifetime. It was 128cm in length and hammered the scales down to a whopping 19.8kg (43.7lb). The massive fish was caught on a Loop 15’ Cross S1 loaded with a Loop GDC S1/S2 line and the fly was one of our favourite big tube flies, The Usual.​