What is the best time of the season for big salmon?
We have big salmon running the Torne River all season, the largest fish arrive in small numbers during Mid June, followed by larger runs of big fish at the end of June into early July, this is certainly the prime time for big fresh fish. Late July to the ned of the season in August it is possible to catch big aggressive resident salmon, peak time mid to end of August.
Is it possible to purchase all 8 rods to make the beat private?
Yes absolutely, but all 8 rods are sold together with the 2 cabins.

I am a single or two rod group, can I book fishing at Kengis Bruk?
We happily take bookings for groups of any number from 1-8 guests, at minimum we require that a single or 2 rod booking takes 1 cabin with their rods. We can then either find 2 other guests to share your accommodation if you wish or if you would prefer private accommodation we can sell the licences locally instead. If you would like to book Kengis Bruk as private water to yourself it is possible to buy out the beat at the above listed prices.

The river looks particular large, do you need to cast long distances to reach the fish?
Yes and no, the real answer is no as the fish are running channels all along the width of the river, fish can be reached with both short and long casts and the most succesful anglers are always those that fish a fly correctly rather than straining to pump out long distances.

What are the annual catch statistics?
On average Kengis Bruk produces 100-180 fish per season over 11/12 weeks. 2015 season Kengis Bruk had 1 fish over 40lbs, 6 fish over 30lbs and 20% of the fish we over 20lbs. These figures are based on low impact fishing with less rods on the water than the coming seasons, so with any luck we will see these numbers increase even further.

What is the difference between Guided, Hosted & Non Guided packages?
Guided packages include 8 hours of daily proffesional guiding for up to 4 guests per guide, Hosted packages include a host offering lighter guiding 4 hours daily, help and advice on the river whilst joining the group to fish and Non Guided packages are for guests who do not want any guiding or introduction to the water.
Are licences available to buy daily?
No. Bookings at Kengis Bruk apart from the openening and closing weeks are for 7 days, 1 full week from Monday 12am - sunday 12am. Sunday fishing is available to our locals and allows for changeovers between guests.
Is it possible to use a boat to fish in Kengis Bruk?
We currently do not allow fishing from a boat in Kengis Bruk as the rapids are too dangerous to anyone who isn't experienced, boats are used by locals to travel down stream from the boat pool in Kengis Bruk, occassionally arrving and departing from the boat pool each day.
How is the road access to Kengis Bruk?
There is a smooth dirt road track down to zone 2 a short distance from the main road. From here it is easy walking distances to all pools and the cabin accomodations.
What do I need to provide to confirm my booking?
We will send you a booking confirmation form via email, to be printed, filled out, signed, scanned and emailed back to: [email protected]this will hold the booking in our calendar. There is a 14 day no fee cancellation period after which we will send a charge for a non refundable 50% deposit of your trip. Once paid this will confirm your booking at Kengis Bruk. The balance for the trip can be paid anytime up until 30 days before your date of arrival.

What happens if I decide to cancel my booking?
There is a 14 day no fee cancellation period once you have signed and returned the booking form. After which if you decide to cancel there will be a 50% charge for the cost of your trip and if you cancel less than 30 days before your trip there will be a 100% charge for the cost of your trip.